Battered, But Not Broken
An Inspirational Book!

Read the touching story of Renee Howard-Jennings
and how she overcame severe abuse
through the love of God!

Author: Sherrie A. Wright

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Sherrie Wright

He Saved Me in Spite of Myself

I always admired and respected the sanctified people at our church. But I also felt that they were too restricted. To me, it looked like they didn't have much fun. I was so wrong! Forty years ago when God  called me into a life of holiness, I ran from the call. I didn't think that I wanted to be saved. I even said to the Lord, "Lord, they can't have a boyfriend, they can't do nothing!" But in the midst of my refusals, God revealed to me in a dream someone (I can't remember who) calling out the name of Jesus! That name frightened me! I couldn't forget that dream or the power in His name! I finally answered the call of God and began to seek Him with my whole heart!

On May 20, 1977, the jurisdiction was having their Holy Convocation at Bostick Temple COGIC. Friday night was baptismal night. I remember my sister asking me, "What do you want the Lord to do for you?" I said, "I want to speak in tongues." She prayed, "Lord, give her what she wants." After church, we came home very late and I was tired. I spoke to God in prayer and I said, "Lord, all my sins are washed away!" I knew the water didn't do it, but that it symbolized the burying of the old man and a new life in Christ! In that instance, I was filled with the Holy Ghost and I began to speak in an unknown tongue! Oh, I'm so thankful to God for not cutting me off in my sins! I'm looking forward to His soon return!



Cheryl M. Henderson

I Didn't Want To Be Saved!

At age 18, I did not want to be saved! I knew it was right, but the life of a Christian was too restricted. I thought I would wait until I was old, maybe 30, to get saved. I figured that by then I would have lived my life enough to be ready to settle down. But God had other plans for me! On April 14, 1976, a series of events led me to a choir rehearsal of a group of high school friends. At the close, someone began to talk about the goodness of God. I realized just how good God had been to me and my family and I began to cry. The more I cried in thanksgiving, the more God washed me. Suddenly, I wanted Jesus as my Savior no matter what! As I sought Him, I saw a vision of my hands holding the hands of Jesus. I saw my name being written in a giant book in heaven. I knew then that I belonged to Him and He belonged to me!

About 1987, I accepted my calling to preach the Gospel. The road to being trained was not easy. I had to learn how to be faithful to God in the face of painful obstacles. But God carried me every step of the way. Now, I know that He is the one who was forever faithful to me!

Sister Melody Wiley
Free From Sin!

The Lord saved me in 2002 on my job through a minister. He spoke to me and told me, "You need the Lord in your life and to repent of your sins. God is not accepting just you going to church. He wants all of you." I repented of my sins that day. The Lord saved me that Monday and filled me with the Holy Ghost that Saturday. I was a changed woman that year and it will be 11 years that I have been saved from sin! I love the Lord with all my heart!